Invited lectures:
  • The importance of statistics from the viewpoint of a glycobiologist (G. Lauc)
  • Fundamentals of quantitative genetics (W. Hill)
  • TBA (M. Radman)
  • Statistics and data analytics: you can’t have one without the other (J. Houwing - Duistermaat)
  • Theory of information and diversity (D. Alexeev)
  • Reflections... (W. Hill)
  • How do we translate large scale genetic data into biology? (P. Heutink)
  • Why do we age? A review of molecular mechanisms of aging (M. Bevova)
  • Expect the unexpected - deciphering psychiatric illnesses - methodological advances (B. Müller - Myhsok)
  • Gut microbiome in health and disease (A. Zhernakova)
  • How to build a biobank (O. Polasek)


Statistics and elements of machine learning
Coordinator: Dr. Mar Rodríguez-Girondo

Introduction to statistical genomics
Coordinator: Dr. Peter Joshi

Advanced R for statistics and statistical genomics
Coordinator: Dr. Ivo Ugrina

Essential computer skills for life scientists
Coordinator: Dr. Lennart Karssen

RSSSO2016 programme for web

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